Health insurance plans are filed with and regulated by the Idaho Department of Insurance. Whether you buy from Insurers of Idaho or directly from an insurance carrier, you pay the same monthly premium! So enjoy the advantages of our expertise and the ability that we have to submit your completed application directly to the carrier. We think you will find that this ability, along with our friendly customer service, creates an unbeatable combination.

We represent people just like you.

Feel free to shop on-line or contact us, we still like to do business the "old fashioned way", face-to-face.

What happens if I buy directly
from an insurance carrier such as Blue Cross?

You pay the exact same rate that you would if you bought from us, however here is what you would be missing:

  • The rates that you pay for health insurance in Idaho vary by carrier.
  • If you send an application to Blue Cross for example you will get an offering from Blue Cross for their plans. If you complete an application for health insurance on our site you will get an offer for health insurance from:
    • Blue Cross of Idaho
    • Regence Blue Shield
    • Pacific Source
    • Select Health
    • Mountain Health Co-op

All at no cost to you!


    Navigate the many different plan options and find the plan that best suits your needs.


    Customer service and support for our clients in addition to any services provided by the insurance carrier.


    With billing and claim disputes.


    With the renewal process that you will go through each year.

Who is Insurers of Idaho?

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Founded in 2004, Insurers of Idaho is a group of independent brokers (agents) licensed with all the major Idaho health insurance companies in Idaho. We are the health insurance experts. Health insurance is not a side business for us, as it is for many brokers. Health insurance is our business!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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